How alive... how toxic?

How alive… how toxic? It’s a paradigm within a living tree. We will travel around the tree and its surroundings by closely observing its texture and colors, looking carefully we could observe the nature, looking for similarities between the micro and the macro.

The performance takes place in a forest, mixing nature, human being and technology. L4R will use a microscope like an extension of their body, creating an intimate and sensitive connection with the forest. Thanks to technology we’ll enter inside the moss, the wood, flowers… We’ll play with the nature’s colors, saturating and adding light, creating new ways in synergy.

Be-coming Tree durational Live Art events showcase artists from all over the world interacting simultaneously with trees in their local environment. On a shared Zoom screen, audiences witness actions, stillness, dance, ritual ... and hear a live soundscape created from digitised tree data by


The 4th Be-coming Tree Live Art event via Zoom will livestream 36 ecoart performances happening simultaneously in 22 countries and 6 continents.

With performances by and from:

Ali Masoudi (IR), Andile Hamilton Nzuza + Nhlanhla Dhlamini (ZA), Andrea Isa (DE), Annette Arlander (FI), Bert Barton (NL), Caroline Gregory (ENG), L4R (IT), Colectivo EnHebra (CH), Daisy Black (ENG), MJ Newell + Deej Fabyc (IE), Dimple B Shah (IN), Elizabeth Damour (FR), Gina Ben David (IL), Jane Corbett (ENG), Janaína Moraes (NZ), Jasmine Cederqvist (SE), Kajoli llojak (ENG), Katarina Kadijevic(CZ), Lara Buffard (GR), Lauren Lewis (WHL), Lisa Lotte Giebel (DE), Lisa Maxwell Cochran (USA), Lisa Sang (ENG), Lucy Stockton Smith (ENG), Lujane Pagganwala (PK), Maria Bitka (PL), Miranda Whall (WLS), Monika Tobel (ENG), O. Pen Be (ENG), Peter Purg (SLO), Surya Tüchler (DK), TJ Thorne (ENG), Ursula Troche + Simon Bradley aka ArtCouple (ENG), Veronica Cordova de la Rosa (ENG).

The Be-coming Tree project is a grassroots, artist-led initiative facilitated by Jatun Risba, Danielle Imara and O. Pen Be.


Performing at the 4th Be-coming Tree Live Art event from Rome (IT)

Concept_performer: L4R

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