M0M_AFRICA                                                    site-specific videomapping

M0M_AFRICA is a videomapping installation conceived for the Italian colonialist bas-relief, where you can observe the map of Africa framed with the famous phrase of Mussolini said during the war in Ethiopia.

The installation tells the other side of the coin. The price of Italian colonialism and gender-based violence. Trade and the enslavement of women. The racial laws. A look at these war crimes immortalized in a bas-relief that wants to talk about something else.

The event was selected through a public notice by the Lazio Region and is organized by Zalib e i Ragazzi di Via della Gatta, Collettivo L4R E.T.S., Compagnia Versus and Compagnia 2 + 1 with the support of LAZIOcrea.

at ZaMA - Zalib Music & Art Festival, 2019

Coordinators: Zalib e i Ragazzi di Via della Gatta

Concept_Video animation_mapping: L4R

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