Concret Walls - Rampa Prenestina                                                                                           videomapping

Concret Walls was born from the need to tell one of the most serious environmental catastrophes in Brazil and in the world. The death of the Rio Doce in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

L4R is selected in the 5th edition of the RGB Light Experience - Rome Global Brightness, an edition whose lightmotiv is “Naturare” the architecture of the city. The festival involves four different points of the city between the districts of Torpignattara and Pigneto.

The work develops during the four days of the festival, recounting the two phases of the Brazilian river. The first part is projected into the Alessandrino Aqueduct at Sangalli Park and on the Rampa Prenestina, where we find a lively, magical river full of the power of nature. From this story we find fragments in the third day on the Tangenziale Est, one of the arteries of the city that fluctuates like the Rio Doce.

The second part of the story tells us about the death of the river and the consequences. The mapping is carried out in one of the parking areas of Pigneto, on four buildings. The crossing is a river mouth in which the water speaks directly to us of the catastrophe and how, five years on, the repercussions of the event are in force.

at RGB Light Experience - V edizione Naturare", Rome (Italy), 2020

Concept_Video animation_Sound design: L4R

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