__</3__TBV__                                                                                                                                video installation

Concept_video design_mapping: L4R
Sound design: Alexia Robbio
Colaboration: Giusy Guadagno

__ </ 3__TBV__ is more than an installation, it is a silent cry against crimes not investigated, against unheeded requests for help, against toxic relationships and finally against the patriarchal society that maintains its practices by raping the female body.






On the occasion of Witches are back al Macao, the installation was adapted to a male body to deal with violence against trans women.



2019  Witches are back, Macao, Milano.

2019 Witches are back, CSAO Forte Prenestino, Roma.   

2018 Fast Forward Fest, CSA Intifada, Roma. 

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