ℕ𝟘ℕ_ℂ𝟘ℕ𝔽𝟘ℝ𝕄𝔼                                                           video installation

The installation stems from the need to bring to light the problem of the relationship between the working world and the female one.
This artwork was created using various audiovisual techniques such as video shooting, stop motion, video post-production and electronic music. Creating a distressing atmosphere to tell the reality of women in the world of work.

Concept_direction_video desing_mapping: L4R 
Sound design_actress: Alexia Robbio


2019 Witches are back - Macao, Milan.
2019 Witches are back!, CSAO Forte Prenestino, Roma. 
2018  CLAP and GO! - Festival del lavoro vivo e precario, Casale Garibaldi – Common at work, Roma. 

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