La Maison de Santé

La Maison de Santé is a theatrical show directed by Marco Vallarino: "The basic idea of ​​the show is to bring the tragicomic and mysterious atmosphere of the tales of the grotesque by Edgar Allan Poe onto the stage. In particular, the show was inspired by the story “The system of Doctor Catrame and Professor Piuma”.

For this scenography we worked together with the director to create the right atmosphere for the show. Working on colors and images, thus creating the ideal setting for each scene. The scenography was made from three panels of white fabric plus a central flat cap, thus creating a feeling of depth. The environments are projected onto these panels. On the stage, on the other hand, a window is placed in the center which is illuminated by a red light spotlight, thus creating shadows thanks to the ropes that are behind the structure but which can only be seen against the light.

Directed by: Marco Vallarino
with: Negar Rad - Asia Coronella- Luigi Cosimelli - Tullia Di Nardoo - Sebastian Jan Marzak -  Massimo Risi - Alessio Stabile
with the collaboration of: Cesare Santiago Del Beato, Michele Dirodi, Andrea Palermo.
Digital scenography_visuals: L4R
Stage furniture: Fabio Giovannini
Light design: Francesca Zerilli


4 June 2019 - Cometa Off, Rome (IT)
5 - 6 June 2019 - Cometa Off, Rome (IT)
30 November 2019 Rossetti Theater, Vasto (IT)​

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