Miedos is a monologue that talks about the vital transitions of a woman. This is the way that we go through all the women until we take awareness of the role we adopt in our society without realizing it.

The show stems from the need to tell reality from a female point of view, bringing out the need to speak through the theater, exposing the vision of women and exploring their world through the use of different theatrical techniques.

With this project, we wanted to experiment using new virtual scenography techniques to recreate atmospheres through video projections that build and deconstruct scenarios. The use of sound design and live songs have been carefully thought out for the show. A fundamental part of Miedos is the code used through the physical work of the actress, where the body takes the power of language by speaking through it, which together with the rest of the scenic elements creates new, almost palpable synergies that manage to involve the viewer.

Production: Neko Teatro
Test_dramaturgy: Sabrina Solange e Sandra Bravo
Directed: Alba Gallego
With: Sandra Bravo 
Digital Scenography_visual design: L4R 
Sound design: Andrés G. Díez
Light design: Teresa Foronda
Music: Lia y Yepes


12 Luglio 2019 La Nave Málaga, Málaga (SP)

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