Tiago Branchini

Graduated 󠅿 in 󠅿 cinema at the Anhembi Morumbi University 󠅿 of 󠅿 San 󠅿 Paolo (Br), in 2017 he obtained the 󠅿 Master's degree 󠅿 in 󠅿 Digital Scenography at the University "La 󠅿 Sapienza" 󠅿 of 󠅿 Rome. In 2018 he founded L4R, a visual arts studio, and collaborates with various theater companies for the creation of sets, installations, and digital exhibitions, both in the creative part and in the video staging. Since 2015 he has been conducting scenography and video courses for children and adolescents, collaborating with different realities such as Ecumene in Velletri, Casale Garibaldi, and Cecilia social cooperative in Rome. In 2018 he taught the digital scenography course at the advanced theatrical training course "If a winter night a traveler", organized by Teatro Potlach and ENAIP, a social enterprise. In 2019 he teaches at the Master Exhibit & Public Design and Virtual Reality, New Media Art and Gaming for Cultural Heritage of the "La Sapienza" University of Rome. In 2021 he was technical director of the Rome Global Brightness festival.


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