L4R comes from the Latin lar(es), which stands for "hearth." Fire, the most important technological discovery in history. By parallelism, today a similar discovery is digital technology.

L4R is an artistic collective founded in 2018 and composed by Clara Román López (Spain) and Tiago Branc (Brazil). The creative force of L4R is the experimentation of different artistic techniques blended with different materials and mixed with light or digital supports. Their work proposes a performative dialogue between nature, human beings and technological artworks, going far away from the perfection of the digital techniques, searching the natural error.

For L4R is very important to share the knowledge and grow together, they believe in education and every year organize video and theatre courses and research workshops to experiment with new techniques and open new artistic paths to all age groups.

L4R artworks have been exhibited at RGB Light Experience, LPM Live Performers Meeting, Be-coming Tree, Mov Festival, and Witches are back! Inquerciata, Balconica Festival and many others.

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